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Circles and Lines

Fast approaching the end of the year, new years resolutions formulating, rolling around in the mind as you survey the endless possibilities. Come January 1st everything will change and by January 31st all will be the same. The circle will have started to form!

Was last year circles or lines for you? Have you made progress over the last year as you inched along the time line or did you end up doing the full circle and ending up pretty much where you were this time last year or worse?

As a pilot we never actually fly in a straight line to get to the destination. Unless there is absolutely no wind, our Direction Indicator and Compass are always in agreement and there’s no pressure variability. This would have to be a rare exception, the wind blows, the rain comes, the pressure changes as does our course. Fly far enough off course and you end up where you started, if you’re lucky. The only way to get to the destination is by making slight alterations all the time, not a straight line more a zig zag, but by the end of the journey or in our case the end of the year, we have made progress towards our final destination. Our business needs a line, a track, a course not a circle!

If last year was a circle for you, then when do you recognise that you have to make alterations for the coming year and keep checking those alterations along the way? When is the right time to set the destination, be laser focused on it, put in the action steps and take off? You don’t just jump in the plane and fly. There are ground checks, pre flight checks, checks at the hold all before you take off. No point being airborne with no fuel, the map on the back seat and the GPS defunct! This is life or death stuff, a plane is very unforgiving 500ft off the ground!

You might ask yourself whether you are in the right business model for you. Is there something better, something more suited to you? A business that flows specifically for you giving you the life you imagined rather than the life you got. Right choices produce right actions, produce right results.Those right choices start with who, how and what you are, they are driven by why you are!

So as you look at next year will it be a circle or line? What does it take to zig zag? Is there a better business model for you?

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