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Dental Misfit – All in, All out, Unsure

“You don’t look like a dentist!”

“Really?” – What’s a dentist meant to look like?

Can’t think how many times I’ve heard that line

Makes you wonder though doesn’t it — Am I a fit — Are you a fit?

Was it the right choice — Maybe yes, Maybe no, Maybe unsure

But it happened and dentistry became my life and yours!

For some that’s great, others a nightmare and the rest on the fence

The problem isn’t in the choice, it is rather, when is, enough enough?

I’m not talking about retirement age enough, although I’ve reached it

I’m talking about, when the right choice no longer works

When the ideal choice is no longer ideal? For a variety of reasons

The shine has gone out of the profession, the pressure is too much

The insecurity, the scrutiny, the emotional challenges — That lead to burnout!


Still got the outgoings, the family, the lifestyle without the enthusiasm.

A feeling, a certainty that there’s no other choice but to keep going, whatever

No choice all in, all out or unsure — Becomes all in whether we like it or not.

The good news is, this isn’t the only option, it doesn’t have to be this or that

It can be This AND That! Transitioning from one choice to another devoid of the risk

Well nearly — All entrepreneurial endeavour has an element of risk by definition

But if there is one thing the online community has taught us, it’s that there is success online

If you know what you want, why you want it, when you want it by and have the right vehicle

Then change can happen!

How do I know, because it’s happening, the exit strategy is working — If it is for me

It will for you too — With a bit of guidance, a good product and a bit of enthusiasm.

So are you:

  • All in to what you’re doing?  – Fantastic unless you want to diversify.
  •  All out — Had enough, want to hang up the drill — then take a look.
  • Unsure — Absolutely!  Foot in both camps then try this it works well especially if you learn how to niche

So what do you want to do?

If you are looking for change but don’t know where to start

Worried about your future but don’t know how to change

Fearful that you’re making an unwise decision — Then

Let’s have a chat and see if we can’t help the process.

Fill in your details below and I’ll get back to you.