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As far as I can see

I’m sitting in Munich airport waiting for the plane to take me to the UK, it’s delayed an hour and a half which seems inconsequential in the whole scheme of things, except that I started the journey from Brisbane 27 hours ago.

On the flight from Brisbane to Dubai, I met the head of HR for a worldwide company.

Her world is vast, she speaks 6 languages, works out of Dubai, where she lives with her two children and has the whole world as her playground. She described her work which was varied and exciting, as she deals with problems from Dubai to Sydney to Paris.

It wasn’t her job that impressed me, as much as her ability to absorb the world into her life. Her enthusiasm was infectious, her stories exhilarating and her pride in her children profound. It was as if the world was hers to enjoy, not just some small corner.

Many of us become fixated on the minutia of our existence. Nothing wrong with this, I had a patient years ago who, in all her 80 years had never set foot outside her village. She was slightly jealous of my travel stories, while I was equally jealous of this lady, who was so content to stay where she was and just enjoy her life.

I believe that for many of us there is a need to keep the expression “as far as I can see” top of consciousness. Say it to our clients, say it about our life and practice it. As far as I can see expands the mind, looks outwards for possibilities and opportunities. It embraces the world rather than retreating from it. It allows us to be  open minded, rather than small minded and it gives us much needed balance.

This balance is unique to you! Whatever your strengths, taken to the extreme, becomes your weakness. Knowing how you process your life allows you the privilege of living an exceptional life where the world is yours to enjoy.

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