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What would it take to say I Can — rather than I Can’t?

“I Can’t” is actually — SELF PITY — Feeling sorry for myself? 

Somehow I need to find the strength to say I CAN, even when times are tough.

 Where does the “I CAN ” — Come from? 

It comes from the belief in opportunity and the desire that we had when we were young. When nothing seemed impossible, where our dreams and visions would become a reality.  

At first our reasons are  strong but as time goes by they diminish. 

People deriding our ideas, scoffing at our dreams, telling us we weren’t good enough, that we’d amount to nothing. These words hurt, they damage and in the end we believe them.

The obstacles we encounter on the way dampen our enthusiasm and our self belief. Our power eroded and self esteem depleted. We go from active, enthusiastic, excited child full of life to a numb, fear driven existence.

We go from —  “I know I can — To, maybe I can — To, I don’t think I can — To, I can’t.”

It keeps us trapped in a life of guilt, shame and regret. It holds us in the snare of discontent, despair and depression.


“I can overcome this, I can change my circumstance, I can make a difference.” 

This is the voice we must listen to, this is the voice we must believe, because it is this voice that will pull us out of the pit, place us on the high ground where we will realise that the impossible is POSSIBLE.

Are you fed up with playing small. Thinking it works for others but not for you. That it’s okay for them, or they’re just lucky?

 You are not alone, these are thoughts held by many. People who have given up on their dreams and joined the self pity party, just going through the daily motions.

I’m not talking depression here, or maybe I am! Maybe the words we hear, the foods we eat, the environment we live in has played the ultimate trick and left us depressed!

BUT  — No more —Your circumstances may be tough, you have been knocked, battered, bruised. But giving up is not an option, giving up is feeling sorry for yourself and looking for someone to agree with you… 

No more — it’s time to turn life around. Play all out to get what you want, what you desire and what you deserve. 

It is time to say…

I choose no longer to pity myself. I will learn, I will read and I will search for a better way. A way of living life on my own terms, not in fear and worry which only cause me stress but in enthusiasm, love and laughter.

I choose to leave behind the old ways that no longer serve me and embrace a new challenge. I am prepared to be taught, to be mentored and to learn. I will follow the proven path to success that others have taken. When tough times come as I know they will, I will lean into my desire, I will believe before I can see the final result and I will achieve my goal. 

I choose to be helped and I choose to take responsibility. I choose to be accountable and go the extra mile. Who am I doing this for. It’s for me, it’s for those I love and it is to prove that “I can.” 

I choose to start today. I choose to change my circumstances, I choose to ask HOW.

( If you are suffering from depression, please seek help. This post is not written as medical advice, It is written to inspire and to offer hope)