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‘Ideas are a dime a dozen’ he said…

Then he stole one, not mine but someone else’s and made a fortune

He used the one with the dream for what he could get out of him and then left him

So ideas may be a dime a dozen – BUT – You’ve got to have them in the first place

Not be so unimaginative that all you can do is steal from someone else

He didn’t have to steal, he had the nouse to work with the inventor, the dreamer

Pool their talents but that didn’t suit his greed, his need for control and to be the big guy 

Why do I share this?

Because for those of us with good ideas there is a place for them – Not with the greedy


Rather to be shared with those of different gifts — Prepared to work for the good of the whole

Prepared to pool the talents for everyone’s gain

I lost a lot the day he threw that line at me – Oh – he wasn’t the only one

Someone far closer once said – At last I don’ have to put up with anymore of your silly ideas!

Right there the kick in the teeth, the rawness of being told I just wasn’t good enough

By someone with less imagination than me — Someone who couldn’t see what I could

Oh the dream stealers – So wrapped up in themselves that they couldn’t stand the good in me

That somehow I might actually be better than them – Even though I wasn’t trying to be

The dream stealers who would put me down rather than see me succeed

The dream stealers who would deride my ideas – or – Steal them – Make them their own

Have you experienced this

I would say be the dreamer – The searcher – The seeker

The one with a vision and a purpose that you need to fulfil

The one who won’t be put down but rather would stand up and live the dream

Maybe you lost it for a while, maybe you haven’t found it yet

Perhaps you’ve been put down once too often – I know as you can see,  I’ve been there

Beaten down by the unrighteous, the lacking in integrity, unscrupulous, greed at my expense

BUT no longer

It is time to rise – regain that self esteem, forge ahead with the vision, the purpose, the dream

Forgetting the hurts of the past or using them to fuel the future

Don’t let the dream stealers win they don’t deserve it – YOU DO!