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Success starts with you!

You may find success by just working on your business, if you’re lucky. You WILL find success if you work on you!

Keep learning the skills, new techniques, implement them, buy the latest gadgets and you’re made, doesn’t necessarily work. If it does then it’s more by luck than good judgement. Do you really want to build your career on chance? I know I did and it took a lot of hard knocks before I realised that there had to be an easier way.

I went into practice as an associate after 6 months as a houseman. Great boss, easy going, never stressed, methodical in his approach and happy to teach me and cover me as I learned the ropes. I ended up doing dentistry his way, but as it turned out it wasn’t my way. When I set off on my own, I implemented what I had learned from him about running a practice and did really well until I got bored. Really bored, mind numbingly bored and it was my business. I had the tools, the gadgets, the skills. I had no right to get bored! Good income, loyal staff, interesting patients and I was forever looking out of the window thinking there must be more to dentistry and life than this, and there certainly is!

You see, you may have been told to copy what others are doing and that will bring success. A bit like practice makes perfect. No, only perfect practice makes perfect and perfect can only come from you understanding and practicing according to your own uniquely perfect strengths.

It’s not by finding out what others do and doing it yourself. Rather it is about finding out what others like you are doing and doing that! Big difference. If you’re not the highly motivated, self starting machine that just drives off into business all cylinders blazing and finds success, then don’t try to be like that person. If you’re more gentle, laid back with an eye for detail and a methodical style, then copy someone who is like you!  Of course the trick is to find out how you uniquely operate in the first place, before just heading off in any direction. Much of success comes from your strengths. Knowing who, how, what and why you are in business and employing to your weaknesses.

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