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Too tired of the job, too young to retire

I have discovered that this can happen at any age

It’s also known as burnout — Being strong for too long— Nothing left in the tank

The only apparent answer — QUIT


It doesn’t have to end here — Old ways are changing — Careers were for life

Now just a period of time — Education not wasted but transferrable

Having spent 45 years in dentistry I had to reinvent myself multiple times

I enjoyed it enough not to leave but I continuously needed new challenges

Sometimes I’d move practice other times I’d change my approach

Would I do it again —No — To try and find something that isn’t there — Make do — Forever searching

Is really no life — It’s a life of getting by of living in mediocrity rather than all out

Better to discover the passion, the purpose, the call — Life’s direction and follow it

The issue is really how do you find that call — How do you discover that purpose

How do you set the wheels in motion?

I have known my purpose for years — I finally admitted it to myself in a cold, miserable room

On a speaking tour to New Zealand — Hallelujah — Eureka you would have thought…

Only to find that I needed to go beyond Purpose to really be able to live my calling

And I have 

You’re frustrated, miserable, unfulfilled finding no meaning in your life — Forever searching

Stressed, distressed, perhaps on the verge of burnout?

You want more, much more —Deep inside there’s a genuine cry for more

I get that, I understand that AND That’s what I deal with, that’s what I work to fix.


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