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From deep within rises the panic

Have I left it too late, Have I waited too long,

 Have I watched and wondered but not participated

Have I discerned, seen clearly or is it all too vague

A mist that my vision cannot penetrate

Have I hoped against hope that it will all be ok

While all the time I am seeing that it will NOT

Have I thought this just can’t be happening — Surely they won’t go that far

Only to find that  “that far”  is imminent — When all will change in an instant

Have I seen opportunity but not taken it — Procrastination and fear hindering me

The panic rises even further — Takes on a new level constricting the throat, dulling the mind

The danger of paralysis ever nearer — The point when it really is too late


Now — If I act now — Set a FRESH SAIL — A NEW COURSE — Circumnavigate the problem

Recognise that there are three elements beyond purpose that define that very purpose

Three elements that when understood will allow me to rise up — Live on Purpose

Even if that very purpose somehow seems different

No longer will it matter for I have found a greater call — A finer purpose

A refinement of my Why

Right now people are losing jobs by standing on their morals, their ethics, their beliefs

Right now people are prepared to give up everything rather than give up their souls

This is the strength of the human condition — BUT — Not all is lost

There is another way — A different path — A contrasting avenue


Along that path lies a different answer — BUT — An answer just the same

A way of living life on your own terms — To the beat of your own drum

A way that I want to share urgently

Urgently because I have waited to run the “No Regrets” tour for too long

Waiting for the ideal situation when venues reopen, cross border travel happens


By then maybe it’s too late for some, maybe it’s too late for you

So Urgently I want to share 

  • A Principle
  • Three Elements that define your Purpose
  • A way of financially supporting your purpose


Two very different  business models that may well be your answer to the panic

May well be the answer you are looking for as you wrestle with your moral dilemma 

May well fit the urgent questions you are facing right now

Can I share — I am working urgently with my team to make this happen

Are you looking for answers — Is you’re life imploding — Are you facing the job loss

Let me share the alternatives — the positives — the hopes and the dreams

You have been given the desires of your heart — Never would these have been given

If it were not possible and so it is!

Can I add you to the list of attendees

Fill in your details below and I’ll be in touch

Let’s make it happen so that you don’t just survive but you thrive…