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Finding the balance — It’s not all about the job!

  • Not enough patients to fill the day
  • Not enough time to see all the patients
  • Not enough income for the time spent
  • Increasing Time to increase income

No matter how passionate we are about our profession there is a reality that we can’t ignore. As a one person show there is a ceiling to our income, a price point the patient is prepared to pay for our services and the heart price we charge for what we do.

There’s also the burnout factor to consider. Many hours spent with hurting people takes its toll on us as we grapple with their ailments, their pain, their trauma, their life issues. It becomes our world, trying to solve problems that in reality aren’t always solvable, a burden to be carried that is not for the feint of heart.

We study, we research looking for answers, herein lies our passion for knowledge and the ability to go the extra mile, find that elusive solution that we know must be there. We pay for courses, spend weekends locked away either at home in study or in a hotel somewhere, rubbing shoulders with others on a similar mission.

On the face of it, we see nothing wrong with this, but where’s the fun, the laughter, the holidays? Where’s the lifestyle we’d promised ourselves or the dreams we had to fulfil? Where’s the balance?

The balance between work time and play, work time and income, work time and lifestyle, work time, passion and purpose, work time and personal health, physical, mental and financial! Where’s the balance?

I struggled with this for years. I needed a model for life that would cater for my heart felt mission, my passion my purpose and give me the lifestyle I wanted for me and my family. Working harder didn’t give me the answer neither did niching my practice although that is part of the equation.

I found the answer in niching for purpose and a second business that aligned with my values and supported my purpose financially.

How did I find the time to do both? I decided on the number of hours that I could productively work in my core business, giving maximum value without fear of burnout.

Then I looked for a company whose values and products aligned with mine.

It’s given me an additional source of income, one that will replace my core business income, allowing me to treat who I want, when I want and at a price where I know that I am offering more in use value than I am taking in cash value. I can work from anywhere that there is wifi, from a laptop or smart phone. It aligns with my health mission and personal needs by helping aware people who are seeking true physical, mental and financial health.

Does this resonate with you?

Do you feel the pull for balance but unsure of direction?

Is your hourly rate sufficient for your needs or does it fall short?

Would you like less face to face time but an increase in income?


Perhaps you have a desire for voluntary work but can’t afford it.

That has been me for more years than I care to remember. I would just love to share how at last I am remedying this problem.

Like to know more about the system I am using and the company I have aligned with?

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