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A Balanced Approach

What can I tell you about my approach to health and the links between general wellbeing and dental health?

It is interesting to think that for so long we have separated the mouth from the rest of the body without fully realising its impact on the rest of the system. Told to keep our teeth clean, reduce sugar intake to prevent tooth decay we have essentially ignored the links between, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and pre term low weight babies and poor oral health. Inflammation is one of the main causes of disease and inflammation in the mouth is a considerable contributor to this problem. If we want to reduce the risk of systemic disease then we must give the mouth its rightful place in disease prevention.

The model that I have followed was first described by Dr Hans Selye; MD who said: “Stress is the non specific reaction of the body to any demand placed upon it.”

Dental Distress occurs when the bite becomes unbalanced causing a disruption of the system, both soma and psyche, normalisation of the bite results in a reduction in stress and a return to balance. This is the reason that dentistry can reduce headaches, neck and back pain and have an influence on tinnitus, sinus congestion and dizziness. This distress along with poor oral hygiene and poor diet causes gum disease with inflammation. Treatment should be aimed at balancing the bite, cleaning the teeth and gums and addressing the diet. Of course there is more to it than this…