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No don’t give us the ‘It’s just a number’- We’ve been around too long for that

The fact is you hit FORTY AND TIME FLIES – Mixed with the discovery of your OWN MORTALITY

You may start to feel a mild sense of urgency – A sense that increases over the years

And unless the time is valued it is quickly lost and you look back in wonder

Wonder what you actually did with the >> TIME.

Much of it is forgotten as you hasten towards the inevitable – With a feeling that you missed something along the way. 

I’ll get around to it soon, is a luxury afforded  the young

But that urgency, that sense of  – ‘There must be MORE to life than this’  – Starts to plague you

You know you have a job to do, a ‘CALLING’ on your life, a reason for being here

Maybe you know what it is, maybe you don’t – If you don’t then it’s time to find out

Digging deep, reflecting, searching, seeking the meaning of life for you can be deflating

After all you’ve already got a job, it’s just not motivating you anymore

Or it’s not paying you YOUR WORTH -or – It’s not going to provide for your future

Or it doesn’t allow you time to live life on your terms – Shackled to the daily grind

Hoping that one day it will be different – Well it won’t be unless you make the change

It’s that change WE want to help you with – Either you have a big vision that needs to be realised

Or you just want more out of life, more fun, more excitement, more meaning, more fulfilment

Either way We have some interesting ideas to share with you

We all need money to survive and often we sacrifice this for our passion

Especially those in the healing industry, helping people one on one at a fraction of your true value

➢ What if we could show you how you can still serve as you desire and support yourself    financially

  What if we could help you place true value and worth on your purpose

➢ What if we could show you how you could go to the many rather than one at a time

➢ What if this is the DIFFERENCE THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE for you

This year my wife Barbara, Stage designer and personality guru and I will be running a Masterclass. 

In it we will take a look at the  industry that is No.1 TRENDING INTO 2023 – It’s Wild, it’s Global, 

It’s Doable and has the potential to make a radical difference in your life.

This meeting won’t be recorded, it really is for those who want to take action.

If that’s you, go to contacts and fill  in the form, we’ll come back to you with info and dates

Let’s do this!