Niche, Boutique and Personal

Recently I was reading an article on sub specialties and niche dentistry. The article talked about the concerns around insurance companies and corporate dentistry pushing out the smaller players. Yet there was a positive note - one that I have personally experienced - and that is: THERE IS STILL ROOM FOR THE INDIVIDUAL PRACTICE.  Not driven by numbers, but rather by the experience. The corporate/insurance model - high turn over, low…

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Want To Be Different — Find Your ‘Passion’

“I wasn’t looking to be different in practice, I was looking for something that really fascinated me. That was and is my difference, it is my WHY.” I’m not really a Maverick or a Rebel, I am just completely interested in the direction I have chosen for my career. What I love about my work is that there is something there for everyone. You just have to choose your interest,…

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As far as I can see

I’m sitting in Munich airport waiting for the plane to take me to the UK, it’s delayed an hour and a half which seems inconsequential in the whole scheme of things, except that I started the journey from Brisbane 27 hours ago. On the flight from Brisbane to Dubai, I met the head of HR for a worldwide company. Her world is vast, she speaks 6 languages, works out of…


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