taken at Chennai International Airport, India


Last night I shared a late podcast with James – a 31 year old – Retired from clinical dentistry

He wanted More and Dentistry just didn’t cut it!

Late for me it was well after midnight by the time we’d finished – But made easy with his energy and enthusiasm

We talked about many things EXCEPT for what I actually do inside my Company…

Set up originally to run my practice – but – Broad enough to cover other ventures

It runs a Global Distribution arm which promotes Health & Wealth Products direct to the end user

It’s a company growing very much on TEAM

Simply because this is the way we can help others move 

From the left side of Kiyosaki’s Quadrant to the Right

Not everyone is as brave as James – Able to hang up the drill and venture out on his own

Embrace a vision that truly aligns with his mission in life – And his desire for Happiness

Life is too short to be miserable, unhappy, unfulfilled and rudderless

Too short to, as he says – “Wear the wrong sized shoes!’…

But if you’re already moving into the midlife of your career  – Whatever age that is for you

You’re wondering where to go next or perhaps thinking – ‘There must be MORE to life than this’

Then this is where we come in – this is where we help you discover your options

Recognise yourself, who you are in practice and who you are in life

Understand your own drivers and the needs that will draw you in your search for Significance

Set you in a direction fuelled by purpose in action and a Supporting Purpose Business

Niching and Teaming up with a Global Distribution Business may well offer answers

And in time allow you to elegantly exit from your job without a drop in lifestyle

To retire EARLY with MONEY – MEANING – And – GRATITUDE for your future direction

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