Occasionally in life you meet people who throw a complete spanner in the works

All with good intention to inform you, but when it comes from a multimillionaire businessman

Then perhaps it’s time to shut up and listen up

I had a such an encounter on Friday night – An old friend of mine in both senses of the word

Talked about his very long entrepreneurial endeavour – How he was self sufficient at age 11

Left school at 15 and went on to run his own factories worldwide

He’d made it with no real formal education – Learned on the job and the ability to bluff

He changed jobs, locations, learned on the go and became a manufacturer

His attitude was ‘I’ve decided to do it so now I need to find a way of doing it’

Contrary to many people’s thinking which comprises of  – The many reasons it can’t be done

Armed with a gotta do it attitude he succeeded – His belief in himself, rugged determination

Hard work, an overcoming spirit and the ability to pivot and think laterally  – Vital 

What’s the big fear today – how to future proof yourself

The answer I concluded from him was to choose a job that you enjoy and keep learning

That way if you need to change course in the future, you know how to!

It’s not about an academic education he surmised

which in many ways he felt was counterproductive – offering a tendency to hide within the box

It’s about getting out there, discovering what you’re good at, what you enjoy and going for it

THE SPANNER?  – Thinking that higher education was necessary for Entrepreneurial Success!