At the end of a working life ‘WHAT’S NEXT’

Looking forward to days off and doing anything you want is soon replaced by …THE VOID 

The place where you just don’t know what you want to do…

All those years of Doing, being Organised, Disciplined, on Time, knowing what the day brings

Replaced by days of Trying to make plans, Trying to keep the mind active, Trying to find interest


When you discover that your job defined you, gave you Meaning, Direction, Focus

Is over, When the door closes for the final time and you walk away – You meet THE VOID

Oh, you’ve met it before in your life, times when you just didn’t know who you were anymore

Times when you didn’t know which way to turn … Times when you leaned towards comfort

Avoiding the path less travelled – Moments of Inspiration Doused by Doubt

You knew there was a calling, something you were meant to do and you tried

You woke and thought TODAY IS THE DAY – I’m going to – DO IT – But you didn’t

The comfort of the safe place, a place often of mediocrity, a job you despised

Was safer than stepping out – and – Like many you quenched your dream in false beliefs

Too busy, no time, too much on my plate, Times not right!

Doubt, Fear, Peer Pressure, Imposter Syndrome crowd in to CONFUSE THE MIND

Keep you away from the DREAM, the VISION, the CALLING – BUT – At least you’re safe

All the time knowing that there must be MORE TO LIFE THAN THIS …

You reach retirement and the safety net disappears – No more excuses

You enter the void – Surprised that your expectations were unreal

Quickly realising that retirement without MEANING is overrated – And you SMILE

You thought you’d got out of it scot free, off the hook, dodged a bullet – But No

Within the void you realise that – THE CALLING IS STILL THERE – You have a job to do

Put it off and it will never get done and you and the world will be the poorer for it

The Call is your significant contribution  – Find it and you define your purpose

Don’t wait until you retire ‘CHOOSE to start NOW’ Wherever that is for you…

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