Can you be on the edge of borderline, rather than borderline

Medicine talks about being within normal limits


What about those on the edge of normal, is that edge normal for them or borderline

Is normal blood pressure globally normal, or do some run naturally higher or lower – Borderline

Now I’m no psychologist but if I suffered:

 Persistent uncertainty about self-image, long-term goals, friendships and values 

 Chronic boredom or feelings of emptiness.

Would I have borderline personality disorder or would this state indicate something else

Perhaps that I had never found my focus, my flow, my meaning to life within my own parameters

Is it that rather than seeking a diagnosis, I’d be better off finding the Call

That greater thing for me to do — That thing that has persisted for years

Unwatered, unkempt, left in the rough, out in the rain but still there – the cry for More

The cry that says – ‘There is More to life for you’ – And if you dig deep, you know what it is

Could it be that finding the Success, the Significance, the Legacy that accompanies the call

Defines Purpose and gives Focus and Direction —  would pull me away from the borderline

Make the edge absolutely my normal

Would it have the power to change self image, create long term goals, build friendships

And eradicate boredom and feelings of emptiness

The last few years of trauma have taken their toll – Many have had time to reevaluate

Maybe it’s time to explore the edge rather than dwelling within the global norm

Maybe it’s time to discover the More to life — AND — Do it!

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