I’ve said it before but it begs repeating

There was a time when I was << INVINCIBLE >> – I could go on working forever

Then there was a time when I wasn’t quite so invincible, I CUT DOWN my hours

The thinking was, at reduced hours I could work for more years

Then there was a time where I realised the –  ERROR – In my thinking

I had no idea how I would feel as I got older, it was part of the equation I couldn’t account for

A time when even reduced hours couldn’t hide the pain I was feeling in my hands

The thumb joints had taken a considerable beating over the years and they were complaining

It didn’t stop me working but at times  – IT HURT LIKE CRAZY – I hadn’t thought of that 

I hadn’t thought of my body being the problem with continuing to work

So while I can’t turn back the clock for me – I can advise those who think they are INVINCIBLE

YOUR’E NOT! —  Better to prepare early rather than late

More to the point better to decide on want is important to you early rather than late

You see we’ve been taught to work hard so that we can enjoy the retirement years

All well and good until you get there and realise that you can’t do the things you used to do

So why not – STARTING TODAY – Prepare to live as if you are already retired

Living the retirement life in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond – By Designing Life Backwards

Start with the – END IN MIND – And look at what you would like to achieve along the way

Then go ahead and make that happen – Don’t let convention and conformity stand in your way

The old model is broken, it’s time to adopt a new one

‘HOW NOT TO RETIRE’ – A short e-book – An introduction 

Then a sequence of Masterclasses for those who like to work online


The live event, where we get up close and personal on your future.

Interested – Fill in your details and I’ll get back to you…